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With a constant growth, TRB Singapore evolved into an Asia-Pacific hub
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About TRB Asia-Pacific

TRB Chemedica Asia-Pacific is based in Singapore and is a subsidiary of TRB International SA, a Swiss pharmaceutical company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

TRB Chemedica Singapore started operationally in 1987 and has grown from strength to strength ever since. In 2021, TRB Chemedica Singapore evolved into the Asia Pacific regional hub with an extensive network of distribution partners in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia and TRB Chemedica affiliate offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong with a wholly-owned subsidiary in China in the pipeline.


Partnerships and opportunities

TRB Chemedica Asia-Pacific is constantly looking for distributors who have the capabilities, expertise and network to journey with us through this exciting, diverse and dynamic region!

When you work with us, you can be assured that we always endeavour to make the partnership a rewarding one as we grow and develop our businesses in tandem.
We offer both in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities to the partner with the right fit.

Contact TRB APAC

Please reach out to us and let us explore how we can work together.

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