GM-1 Ganglioside production at the TRB Chemedica factory
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TRB Chemedica Swiss industrial site, based in Vouvry, is principally made up of two production units:

One dedicated to the gangliosides extraction, and the second one to the manufacturing of hyaluronic acid based injectable products. The factory also owns a Research and Development unit that is working in close relationship with the production division. All TRB Chemedica on site innovative production methods and procedures are designed and implemented by the same R&D unit. Thanks to its top-notch equipment it has achieved a high level of expertise in biotechnology, molecular biology, chemical extraction, synthesis, and finally, in galenic. The use of only high quality ingredients guarantees the excellence of TRB’s products, always respecting the environment.

GM-1 ganglioside production at the TRB Chemedica factory in Vouvry

Both TRB Chemedica hyaluronic acid based injectable division and GM1 production sites were developed and realized by the factory’s technical department, in accordance with GMP applicable requirements. The technical department being based within the factory increases our flexibility and our integration capacity, while reinforcing TRB’s conception and engineering autonomy. Each step of that procedure goes through an in-depth risk analysis conducted by a multidisciplinary team.

The gangliosides production process, including in particular the monosialoganglioside process, have both been entirely developed and scaled up on the Vouvry site. A ganglioside powder is obtained after different steps of cleaning, extraction and purification. It constitutes the principal raw material of the GM1 active ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid transformation at the TRB Chemedica plant
Hyaluronic acid conditioning at the plant of TRB Chemedica Vouvry

This raw material undergoes various industrial treatments including concentration and dialyses; but equally, at several stages drawing on biotechnology know-how. After this processing, it then goes through an ion exchange resin based column (that purifies) in order to have a high purity GM1. In collaboration with the R&D department, the development of these same techniques at an industrial level has helped TRB to elevate its purification and extraction expertise in order to reach high quality products.

The production unit is fitted with distillation units allowing solvents recycling, thus minimizing the ecological impact and the waste treatment.

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