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TRB regularly offers development opportunities for apprentices, students and graduates, as well as experienced professionals. We offer long-term career opportunities in many fields, both in Switzerland and with our subsidiaries abroad. For more than 40 years, TRB has constantly developed and deepened its expertise in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry to distribute and sell its ophthalmic, rheumatological and neurological products.

Our professions


Our R&D laboratory in Vouvry is in charge of our galenic and biotechnological development projects. Our R&D teams in Geneva are in charge of coordinating the clinical studies (phase I to phase IV) and also actively participate in developing preclinical studies with the R&D team in Vouvry.


Our production sites like the one in Vouvry, Switzerland produce a large part of our product lines in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. These sites bring together a wide range of expertise in production, engineering and maintenance.


Always looking for ways to improve every patient’s quality of life, our marketing team in Geneva is in charge of our international product strategy. It also coordinates product image, promotion and distribution, as well as training for our subsidiaries, agents and healthcare professionals.


Our legal department is accompanying our teams in a wide range of activities conducted by TRB group. It provides support in day to day operations and partners with stakeholders in corporate initiatives and projects. It helps building a sustainable future for our Healthcare Group in accordance with our core values.


By providing us with computer technology, IT helps our company evolve. It follows processes accordingly, in line with our strategy and our objectives. This within the framework of the regulations in force. IT takes care of IT support and helps our company evolve and grow.


In close collaboration with subsidiary directors and managers, the financial team focuses on financial performance resulting from complete market analysis, with an end goal of optimal economic and financial profitability. It ensures accounting and financial auditing of the company’s operations in order to give the most accurate overview possible. It closely monitors data on the group’s economic activities and assets.


The sales team in Geneva oversees sales development of our products with our subsidiaries and agents. It is also in charge of supporting research for new products, markets and new distribution channels.


Our in-house logistics expertise combines production-oriented solutions at our Vouvry site with a team of procurement, planning and distribution specialists at our Geneva headquarters.


This department carries out and ensures all activities related to registering and maintaining marketing authorisations for drugs within the TRB Products Group.


The HR department plays a huge role in our company’s success, as it ensures several decisive functions: recruitment, social relations, professional training, etc. Its missions are massive and are recognised as the main driving force for the company’s development. After all, the human element is now a real strategic issue.

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