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TRB Argentina has been established 30 years ago, becoming over time one of our largest TRB manufacturing sites and affiliate. (Past event)

TRB Argentina’s pharmaceutical plant manufactures a wide range of therapeutic solutions in rheumatology, pain management, infectious diseases and neurology. All its products meet the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, witnessing the high-quality standards and control processes TRB has been implementing since the foundation.
Nowadays, the facilities of TRB Argentina cover 8,300 sq. mt., dedicated to a comprehensive development of the pharmaceutical activity.

TRB Argentina’s main goal is to improve the quality of life for people. Its constant commitment is to ensure the highest quality of both products and services.

The cutting-edge technology of the manufacturing plants and the related pharmaceutical products control are applied to expanding therapeutic domains, including patients’ daily care.
The production facilities are constantly focused on environmental protection, implementing strict health and safety regulations in the workplace as well as adopting, among others, state-of the art methods for the treatment of liquid effluents.

A strong philosophy and a constant strive for improvement are the core model of TRB Argentina.

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