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Discover our new building at our Swiss manufacturing plant

A Fusion of Swiss and Japanese Architecture

The construction of this state-of-the-art facility began in March 2020 and has since been completed, with employees moving in throughout in 2022 as the finishing touches were added. The building’s design is a harmonious blend of traditional Swiss Valais architecture and Japanese aesthetics, reflecting TRB’s extensive history in the industry and global reach. Visitors and partners will be greeted by the building’s striking charcoal-black façade, which was achieved using the Japanese weatherproofing technique of Yaki-Sugi.

The building has both a visually appealing design and several technical benefits. It is well insulated and has been optimized to reduce energy expenditure, making use of a system of microperforated plates that circulate hot or cold fluid depending on the season, resulting in lower consumption no matter the time of year.

Solar Powering Sustainability

Our dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency has been a fundamental part of our company’s values long before the construction of this new building. The solar panels installed on the roof of one of our factory buildings have proven to be highly effective, generating between 15-20% of the electricity used on site, reducing our carbon footprint and demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our new building is a testament to our company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Discover more about our Swissmedic’s Authorized and GMP Qualified Production Site

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