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COVID-19, how we adapt and respond to the situation.

The current COVID-19 pandemy impacts daily lives globally. As the crisis continues to evolve, it also shifts our ways of working and thinking. We at TRB are working hard to maintain our products and services and continue to make them available as we do during “normal times”.

As pharmaceutical company, it is at our core to safeguard and protect health. Our primary concern during this pandemy is therefore the protection of patients, doctors, pharmacists, associates and all our employees. The group prioritizes, wherever possible, home office until the situation is secure enough to allow everybody to work safely again, while some of our workforce still maintain a presence in our factories and offices.

TRB and its employees remain committed to keeping our services available for our patients, partners and customers, until the situation returns to normal. We like to thank everybody who is still working on-site or from home to help TRB deliver its services under the best possible conditions.

Thank you

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