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TRB Thailand is celebrating another significant milestone this year
– its 30th anniversary!


TRB Thailand has a long and significant history dating back to 1997, when the company first started with only three employees. Today, TRB Thailand employs over 120 people, making it a key subsidiary of the TRB Group.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, our amazing Thai team put together a fantastic party that was attended by over one hundred staff members. Speeches were given by several TRB leaders during the evening, making it a truly special event for all who attended.

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We are pleased to participate in World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day, referred to as WAD, aims at increasing disease awareness and knowledge on rheumatological conditions around the world. Current estimates list more than 200 rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMD), but their burden is largely underestimated by the general population. Consequently, a large proportion of patients are either not diagnosed or wait for extended periods of time before consulting their healthcare professionals.

More than 100.000.000 people worldwide suffer from rheumatological symptoms. These symptoms directly impact the quality of life of the patients and their professional activity. The inability to work reduces individuals’ self-esteem and increases their dependence on social assistance, family and friends.

Medical education has for a long time considered RMDs as second priority conditions, which means that symptoms might go unnoticed, misdiagnosed, or mistreated if people don’t have access to rheumatologists, nurses, physical therapists, or other healthcare professionals specifically trained in the field of RMD. As a result, people living with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease often have to face their condition alone and are lacking information on their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

World Arthritis Day is intended to raise awareness on the existence and impact of RMD worldwide. This Day is an opportunity for all communities around the world to come together and speak with one voice to bring the much-needed messages to all audiences.

Over the past 20 years, TRB Chemedica has focused its rheumatological activities on osteoarthritis, the most prevalent joint disorder especially in middle-aged and elderly people.

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We are pleased to announce our presence at CPHI CONGRESS 2022

Every year, CPHI brings together over 100,000 pharmaceutical industry professionals from around the world in physical and online workshops for the purpose of networking and identifying business opportunities. This year’s event is expected to be one of the busiest yet with over 39,000 expected participants.

If you are planning to attend, do not miss the opportunity to visit our stand #41F52.
Please contact our team for more information or to schedule a meeting onsite.

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    Celebrating 20 years of healthcare excellence in the United Kingdom!

    We are proud to announce the 20th anniversary of TRB UK! Responsible for marketing our rheumatology and ophthalmology product ranges in the UK and Ireland since 2002, TRB UK is an ISO 9001 certified company, an achievement that demonstrates our commitment to patients and healthcare professionals and our dedication to quality.


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    The benefits of hyaluronic acid in high impact sports

    We are glad to welcome you at TRB’s Isokinetic Conference Workshop on Saturday June 4, 2022, to discuss the benefits of hyaluronic acid in high impact sports. The workshop will focus on early osteoarthritis in athletes and hyaluronic acid in tendinopathies. Join us in Lyon to learn more about these topics and exchange with our panel of speakers.

    Workshop Program


    Saturday, 4 June 2022, 16:30-18:00, Room Bellecour 3

    16:30-16:35 Introduction Dr. Kal Parmar
    16:35-16:50 Hyaluronic acid: unique features and biomedical opportunities Pauline Cipriano-Bonvin, PhD
    16:50-16:55 Q&As Pauline Cipriano-Bonvin, PhD
    16:55-17:15 Early osteoarthritis in athletes: causes and management Prof. Waqar Bhatti
    17:15-17:25 Q&As Prof. Waqar Bhatti
    17:25-17:45 Hyaluronic acid in tendinopathies Dr. Jörg Dünkel
    17:45-17:55 Q&As Dr. Jörg Dünkel
    17:55-18:00 Conclusion and closing remarks Dr. Kal Parmar


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    Come visit us in Lyon at the Isokinetic Conference from 4th-6th June 2022 (past event)

    We invite you to come visit our booth n°29/30 in Lyon at the Isokinetic Conference from 4th-6th June 2022. From relieving tendinopathy to accelerating post-arthroscopy recovery, we will be happy to share our expertise in relevant and exciting fields at this landmark event in Football Medicine & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.

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    Come visit us in Philadelphia from May 17th-19th at the CPhI North America 2022 (past event)

    Come visit us from May 17th-19th at the CPhI North America 2022! We will be sharing our 40 years of experience in developing, producing, and promoting APIs, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices at this unique end-to-end pharma event in #Philadelphia.

    We look forward to meeting and exchanging with you on-site or through the CPhI’s online platform.


    CPhI North America

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    CM-Chitosan: a promising novelty in the treatment of advanced osteoarthritis


    OARSI-TRB satellite symposium

    Relieving pain and improving physical function is key in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This objective is particularly challenging in patients suffering from advanced OA, such as patients with Kellgren-Lawrence grade IV lesions or patients not eligible for joint replacement surgery. For long time, no new molecules have been successfully introduced in joint viscosupplementation. CM-chitosan is an innovative, naturally-derived glucosamine polysaccharide with lubricating and free-radical scavenging properties. Thanks to its unique structure, this molecule offers new opportunities in the treatment of advanced knee OA.

    Please join us at our TRB Lunch Symposium on Friday 8th, chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Maheu, to learn more about the mechanism of action and the clinical efficacy of CM-chitosan. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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    Let’s meet again in Milan at the CPHI Worldwide from November 9 to 11, 2021 at our stand n°3K101 (past event)

    TRB Chemedica International will be present at the CPHI Worldwide Congress in Milan. Our team will be happy to welcome you on our booth. If you can’t make it, then let’s connect via the CPHI online platform which will be live from October 25 to November 19.

    Event info

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    6th International Symposium on Intra-Articular Treatment in Krakov, 7-9 October (past event)

    TRB Chemedica is pleased to invite you to the 6th International Symposium on Intra-Articular Treatment (ISIAT). We will be happy to meet you on our exhibition booth n°9.

    Learn more

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