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Advancing Sialoglycan Research:
TRB at the Hannover Conference (Past event)

TRB had the pleasure of attending the “Sialoglycans in Development and Immunity” Conference, held in Hannover, Germany from October 9 to 11. It was an excellent event organized by Dr Martina Mühlenhoff, biochemist at the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry, and the Research Unit FOR2953 “Sialic Acid as a Regulator in Development and Immunity” of the Hannover Medical School.

One hundred sialoglycan researchers from over 10 countries convened to exchange and share their expertise. Their discussions focused on the role of sialoglycans in several key areas, including but not limited to: the functioning of the immune system, the proper formation of neuronal networks, and the maturation of the kidneys.

TRB was honored to take part in this first-time meeting in the world of sialoglycan fundamental research. It allowed its representative to be in contact with specialized researchers with diverse backgrounds and visions. We were especially proud to see the results of dedicated work of our scientific collaborations: Prof. Simonetta Sipione from the University of Alberta, Canada, and Dr. Markus Abeln, from the Hannover Medical School.

Simonetta Sipione is a renowned Professor with a special interest in researching the roles of gangliosides in neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, and neuroprotection. With a strong biochemistry background, she seeks to decipher the molecular mechanisms of GM1 and other gangliosides in Huntington’s Disease. During the conference, she presented her latest discoveries in the understanding these mechanisms. For more details, visit her laboratory’s site, Sipione Laboratory

Markus Abeln, a dynamic TRB partner in fundamental/scientific research, presented his recent findings on the role of monosialoganglioside (GM1) in protecting the mice embryo against the attack of the mother’s immune system. The newly revealed roles of GM1 in immunity mark a further step in comprehending this complex and potent molecule. See the related Nature article for more information.

Beyond established partnerships, the conference enabled us to explore new collaborative opportunities and delve deeper into the broader functions of sialoglycans. A highlight was the innovative work of Martina Mühlenhoff, who developed a technique uncovering the O-acetylation of sialic acids, significantly impacting their viral interactions. Read more about her pioneering research in this Nature Communications article.

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TRB extends heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for welcoming us into this vibrant, expert community. Immersed in the evolving world of sialoglycans and gangliosides, we gained a deeper appreciation of GM1 and its pivotal role in the sialoglycans’ family. We eagerly anticipate next year’s conference, where we hope to uncover more breakthroughs in this field.

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