The mission of TRB Chemedica Group is to develop innovative and patented pharmaceutical products and medical devices in niche therapeutic areas: rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology.

REMOGEN® OMEGA – The first microemulsion with Omega-3 fatty acids



REMOGEN® OMEGA is an innovative eye drop formulation with Omega-3 fatty acids indicated in case of ocular surface damages such as irritation, redness, burning, pain, dry eye, eye surgery, blepharitis, ocular fatigue and foreign body sensation. 


Mannitol-stabilised high dose HA for sustained effect

OSTENIL® PLUS is a unique combination of natural high dose HA (2%) + mannitol.

Mannitol acts as a free radical scavenger which protects HA from rapid depolymerisation.

The formulation offers the possibility of reducing the number of intra-articular injections and increasing the intervals between injections. 

OSTENIL® PLUS reduces pain and improves function in osteoarthritis with very good tolerability.

Effective treatment with 1 to 3 injections of OSTENIL® PLUS

This new packaging design may not yet be available in your country 

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