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In recent years the nosology of Dry Eye has greatly changed. Professor Baudouin, MD, PhD from National Ophthalmologiy Hospital XV-XX, Vision Institute of Paris explains through this didactic video the complexity of the Dry Eye disease. Moving beyond the simple name of Dry Eye syndrome, we now consider the condition to be Dry Eye disease, insisting on the lack of tears, the lacrimal inflammation and hyperevaporation leading to self-sustaining loops of neurogenic and palpebral inflammations.

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VISMED® MULTI is a unique lubricant eye drop in an innovative preservative-free, multidose system. VISMED® multi offers an unmatched combination of long-lasting relief of sensations of ocular dryness and optimal eye comfort.

VISMED® MULTI is a patented hypotonic formulation that contains both 0.18% sodium hyaluronate, a natural polymer which is also present in the structures of human eyes, and most of the essential ions that are present in natural tears.

VISMED® MULTI can be used with all types of contact lenses during wear.

VISMED® MULTI is available in a 10 ml innovative, preservative-free, multidose container whose contents are sterile for up to 3 months after first use.

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