The mission of TRB Chemedica Group is to develop innovative and patented pharmaceutical products and medical devices in niche therapeutic areas: rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology.

New VISMED® MULTI receives an award !


TRB Chemedica has received an award for VISMED® MULTI from the aerosol and dispensing system experts in the category “Packaging Innovation, Functionality, Environment friendly” at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2012 in Paris on February 8th & 9th 2012. The Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards ceremony highlighted the key role of dispensing technologies in the success of new products.

VISMED® MULTI eye lubricant consists of a preservative-free multidose dispenser that sterile filters the air entering the container. This system guarantees an in-use shelf life of 3 months after first use.


Smoothing to optimise visual outcomes

LASERVIS® is a viscous masking and wetting solution for use during laser surgery and other surgical procedures.
LASERVIS® contains 0.25% hyaluronic acid whose physical characteristics confer important viscoelastic properties to the product and enables it to be used as a viscous masking agent during laser surgery and as a wetting solution in other surgical procedures.

LASERVIS® is available as 5 single dose units each containing 2 ml of solution.

LASERVIS® is strongly recommended by Ziemer Group AG for use as a masking and wetting solution during surgical procedures with its compact, mobile femtosecond surgical laser FEMTO LDV, for a perfect outcome.


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