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CM-Chitosan: a promising novelty in the treatment of advanced osteoarthritis


OARSI-TRB satellite symposium

Relieving pain and improving physical function is key in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This objective is particularly challenging in patients suffering from advanced OA, such as patients with Kellgren-Lawrence grade IV lesions or patients not eligible for joint replacement surgery. For long time, no new molecules have been successfully introduced in joint viscosupplementation. CM-chitosan is an innovative, naturally-derived glucosamine polysaccharide with lubricating and free-radical scavenging properties. Thanks to its unique structure, this molecule offers new opportunities in the treatment of advanced knee OA.

Please join us at our TRB Lunch Symposium on Friday 8th, chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Maheu, to learn more about the mechanism of action and the clinical efficacy of CM-chitosan. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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