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Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a biocompatible polymer that is found naturally in the body, including the eyes, where it plays many important roles.
HA molecules possess unique physical and chemical properties such as viscoelasticity and water retention.


HA solutions combine the viscous properties of a liquid with the elastic properties of a solid.

At rest the HA molecules form a randomly tangled meshwork that creates a viscous, stable, long-lasting and protective coating.


Shear stress like blinking causes HA molecules in the solution to align in parallel with one another. As a result, the HA solution becomes less viscous, more elastic and spreads easily over the corneal surface.

HA solutions display excellent lubricating and elastic properties.


Water retention

As a result of its coiled structure and large hydrophilic domains, HA attracts and retains a large amount of water and possesses the ability to retard water evaporation.

Following instillation, HA solutions effectively moisturize the eye surface and prolong the beneficial wetting effect over time.


HA solutions combine all the required properties of an excellent eye lubricant and HA gels have also been successfully used for many years in ophthalmic surgery.



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