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Sensations of ocular dryness are usually due to:

Environmental factors

• air conditioning
• dry, hot or windy
• surroundings
• polluted, dusty or smokey air
• bright light


Human factors

• extended computer
• screen use
• contact lens wear
• aging
• medicine intake


These factors cause the thin tear film that covers the delicate eye surface to become unstable, break-up and evaporate more quickly than normal, leaving parts of the eye surface uncovered by the tear film.

The tear film plays important roles in the protection, lubrication, wetting and supply of nutrients to eye tissues. Its break-up leads to sensations of discomfort in the eyes such as:

• irritation
• burning
• itching
• tiredness
• foreign body sensation
• photosensitivity
• blurred vision
• dryness


Restoring the tear film with the use of high quality lubricant eye drops will help relieve sensations of ocular dryness and increase patient comfort.

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