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Following is a brief history of the company:

Period: 1980 – 1988
• Establishment of the company.
• Period of constant growth, acting as worldwide agents for Fidia Spa, Abano Terme, Italy.
• Establishment the Neurological line of Fidia Spa (Cronassial, Sygen, Bros).
• Development of a worldwide network for the company (Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia).

Period: 1989 – 1999
• Reorganisation of the companies of the Group.
• Acquisition of patented technology from Universities and independent scientists.
• Development of its own products in niche therapeutic areas (rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology):
    - Diacerein: the first and only oral IL-1 inhibitor for use in the treatment of osteoarthritis,
    - Hyaluronic Acid: for intra-articular administration in the treatment of osteoarthritis,
    - Vislube and Vismed lines: for topical ocular use as lubricants in the treatment of sensations of ocular dryness,
    - Visiol: for intra-ocular use during ocular surgery.
    - GM-1: potentially a drug for the treatment of Parkinson disease.
• Identification and registration of brand names for the said products.
• Acquisition of our factory, TRB Chemedica SA, in Vouvry, Valais, Switzerland.
• Creation of our first commercial office in the EU in Munich, Germany.

Period: 2000 – 2014
• Completing our investments in our production facilities in Argentina and Switzerland.
• Investing in a new production line in our Swiss factory.
• Completing our Marketing organisation in Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Nordic countries, Poland and United Kingdom.
• Creation of a representative office in Russia


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