The mission of TRB Chemedica Group is to develop innovative and patented pharmaceutical products and medical devices in niche therapeutic areas: rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology.

VISMED® GEL MULTIHigh protection, anytime, anywhere



VISMED® GEL MULTI has the same hypotonic and non-preserved formulation as VISMED® GEL with 0.3% hyaluronic acid and essential ions but presented in the preservative-free multidose dispenser.

This special delivery system allows VISMED® GEL MULTI to remain sterile and free from contamination for up to 3 months after opening. Its ergonomic and intuitive delivery system, 10 ml content and compact size design make it the perfect solution for a long lasting relief of more severe dry eye conditions.

Always at hand…high protection, anytime, anywhere.


OSTENIL® mini is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of osteoarthritis in small synovial joints such as the carpometacarpal joint of the hand, the ankle joint, the temporomandibular joint and the facet joint of the spine.

OSTENIL® mini is a solution containing hyaluronic acid for injection into the joint cavity. The net result is a decrease in pain and improvement in joint mobility which may last at least 6 months.

OSTENIL® mini is specifically designed for relief from osteoarthritis in small synovial joints

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